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Founded in 2007 by our owner Magaly Richter, Señor Peppers is a little slice of Mazatlán, Mexico right here in Oregon, WI. Inspired by our family's recipes and Mazatlán's culture and geography, Señor Peppers' cuisine is bright, fresh, and full of diverse ingredients and flavors sourced both from land and sea. Known for its sea food (mariscos), fresh veggies, and bold sauces, we source local, fresh ingredients to bring you the vibrant and light cuisine of Mazatlán, Sinaloa right here in Wisconsin. Stop on by: aquí todos comemos como familia.



What drives Señor Peppers to serve up fresh, delicious meals from Mazatlán.

1. Fresh Is Always Best, Mija.
Mazatlán cuisine is regarded for its fresh ingredients: from veggies to sea food to everything in between. That's why Señor Peppers strives to use fresh, locally sourced ingredients. As abuelita always said: "There's nothing wrong with frozen, but fresh is always best, mija." We couldn't agree more, abuelita.
2. Hot, Delicious, and Filling.
There's no point in using fresh ingredients if they don't reach you while they're fresh, hot, and delicious. That's why we strive to serve every dish promptly—so you can enjoy our savory, authentic Mazatlán cuisine hot and fresh off our stoves, exactly as it should be and exactly as we remember.
3. Always Make It Right.
If we make a mistake, we're going to own it. What that means for you is that no matter what, we'll always make it right, one way or another. Your experience is very important to us and we welcome all feedback to help us continuously improve.
4. Good Food, Good Service
Good food should be paired with good service. Señor Peppers will make it a priority to not only deliver on our promise of hot, savory Mazatlán cuisine, but to also deliver warm and friendly service during your visit so you can focus on enjoying yourself.



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